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Arm patches are mainly used to showcase a membership to organizations like military forces, sport teams or fans of heavy rock bands.

In the ARM PATCH MANIFEST- project the function of an arm patch is to manifest the patch maker´s attachment to an idea, an ideology or a remix of individual preferencies, which are showcased in the public space. The patch maker becomes a one-person disorganized mobile manifestation.

The exhibition serves as a process space where the visitors have a chance to design their own arm patches. The process of making the images invites to explore closely how to visualize an idea and turn it into a symbol. The visitors can also choose from arm patches made by the artist or other exhibition visitors, which have been embroidered.

The ARM PATCH MANIFEST gives the public the impetus to harness the power of their own symbols and also question their willingness to carry any symbols or trademarks.

ARM PATCH MANIFEST draws also attention to the presence of symbols and trademarks in our public space and encourages counterbalance to the commercial domination of our visual fields – without anonymity.



Sponsored by:
Huqsvarna/ Irene Hageström and Kaartin Neule-ja ompelukone.


Group exhibition Palmtree is on fire

Curator: Henna-Riikka Halonen











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