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ARTIFY was conceived during ACSI Aalto Camp For Societal Innovation 2011 in Finland. It is a reflection on the themes of the case group "Art and Economy".

After a plenty of discussions about the possibilities of merging art and business, and innovating about the societal impact of art, the group ended up discussing values. How to communicate value ? How to create and change value structures and change arts "position" in society? Difficult questions, especially as art is deeply attached to culture, and thru culture to life. If we change the value structures, we change life. And supposedly to better, as we discovered during our session of imagining the world without art and viceversa.

"Artify" is partly irony, partly serious, partly visionary, partly based on reality. It reflects on artists role in society.


Mia Makela


Chrissie Tiller


La Grande Illusion: Lets Pretend


Artifier choir
Art & economy group

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