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Mia Makela´s  collaboration with Austrian violin virtuoso Mia Zabelka started in 2010, when the family of bygone film director Pabst commissioned a remix of his film Gemeinisse einer Seele. After that, Makela created, with programmer Eva Schindling, two generative visuals set for Zabelka´s tours:  M and Z.

Generative visual set

Audio: Mia Zabelka
Video: Mia Makela
Programming: Eva Schindling



AAVE, Helsinki


Generative visual set

Audio: Mia Zabelka
Video: Mia Makela
Programming: Eva Schindling, Pierce Warnecke      



Phonofemme. Vienna
Gallery Suvi Lehtinen. Berlin
ViennaVerein 08, Vienna
Museum of contemporary art. Warsaw
Firemuseum, Philadelphia
GEZ 21 Art Center, St. Petersburg
DOM Cultural Center, Moskow
The Museum of Anna and Anastasia Tcvetaevy, Alexandrov City
La General, Paris
Fluc, Vienna
MIM & MORE Gallery, Berlin
Galerie Mana, Wien
University of the Streets, New York
Media-Scape, Zagreb
Long Arms Festival, Moskow, St.Petersburg, Yaroslavl City, Alexandrov City

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