Dismantling & metal-extraction workshop

Kierrätystehdas 26.4.2014
Led by Albert Laine,
in co-operation with Delegaatio and Trashlab/Pixelache

At the ‘Gold diggers’ workshop participants will mine old computers in search of valuable metals. Gold digging could be a way to earn some income. It could also be development work. Instead of leaving electronic trash on a derive to the global south, we can dismantle it here.

The workshop programme includes an introduction to the techniques of dismantling and metal-extraction by Albert Laine, videomaterial related to e-waste and documentation from a field trip to Kuusakoski recycling center and discussion with Anna Härri from, who talks about the electronic trash in faraway waste lands at 14:30.

You are most welcome to bring desktop computers to the workshop (the older, the better) to dismantle. We will handle the waste. The workshop is free of cost.