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A 4 days workshop by FFlaboratories (Barcelona) concept by Mia Makela
Teachers: Ero Carrera Ventura & Gerald Kogler

Invited by iMAL in collaboration with Nadine, Brussels.
21-24 March 2002

IMAL organisation invited FFlaboratories to give Hacker Techniques workshop in Brussels. FFlaboratories is the workshop activities of Barcelona based
Fiftyfifty is a cultural agitator working in the fields of digital creation, curating, distributing, performing, organising happenings, installations and workshops.

The workshop is mainly targeted to artists who are interested in deepening their knowledge about the possibilities of networks. The participants in Brussels included videoartists, vj, musician, media artists, performance artists, system administration, graphic designers, artist-biologist... see the list of participants

The workshop took place at Nadine which is an old theater/studio located in Ixelles, close to the center of Bruxelles. Nadine offered an exellent environment for the workshop with it’s active ambient of multidisciplinary artscene with a theatre performance taking place there every evening during the workshop.

The workshop programme started on thursday 21.3. with a general introduction to the networks. We started by explaining the basic things like TCP/IP, protocols, hosts and setting up the local network with the participants and played with remote controlling tools like VNC.

The main issue of the next day was virus: some history, different types of viruses, viral activities like polymorphism and residency, detection, antidetection. We also showed i love you-virus code and the modification of it which was made during the first Hacker Techniques workshop in Barcelona and experimented with the virus creation toolkit.

Creating a virus can be easy but as we recovered, creating a virus that “makes sense“ requires some programming skills.

As the end of the day arrived we started to get ready for the public presentation. We used VNC to be able to project participants desktops, Slavica performed a virus code reading which we streamed to other computers, experimenting with streaming delays, Bert and Ingrid showed their flash projects and Pascal his videos. Schlep (Jerry) provided the sound. Nadine streamed the whole evening.

Saturday’s themes were anonymity and information hiding. (steganography and criptography) Interesting themes as intimacy online seems to be more difficult to reach for free now compared to the early years of the internet, when i.e spyware was quite an unknown phenomen. In the afternoon we had a lunch picnic together watching the HACKS documentary about hackers and the hacking as an attitude.

On sunday Angelo and Pieter presented a project which they started to develop during the workshop. Their idea was to build an installation which would function as a dialogue between biological (algae) and virtual viruses.

The rest of the day we spent trying to hack Nadine’s server. The idea was to show the process of hacking which involves a lot of infomining with search engines and can be seen as a project of research sometimes taking a long time, longer than a 4 days workshop allows.



Workshop by FFlaboratories (Barcelona) concept by Mia Makela
Teachers: Ero Carrera Ventura & Mia Makela

Invited by Transmediale, Berlin
6 February 2002


Tactics, techniques and tools of hackers open up new possibilities for artists, too. Workshop participants will learn to use a variety of hacker tools and will get an introduction to the philosophy behind them. A focus is placed on computer viruses. Participants are encou­raged to think of new ways of using viruses in a non-destructive manner.




Download if you Dare! 

Workshop by FFlaboratories (Barcelona) concept by Mia Makela
Teachers : Gabriele Cosentino &
Ero Carrera Ventura
Invited by HANGAR, Barcelona
17 - 21 Septiembre 2001

Los hackers exploran Internet de una manera profunda. Sus tácticas, técnicas y herramientas abren nuevas posibilidades para los artistas. Los participantes en el workshop aprenderán a utilizar varias de las herramientas de los hackers y se iniciarán en su filosofía. Artistas invitados presentarán su trabajo, dentro de conceptos como hacktivism y "network art". El workshop generará varios eventos online, incluyendo una exposición titulada "Download if you Dare".

keywords : online, network, network art, net art, net activists, hackers, hacktivism, virus

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