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23.-24.9 Symposium Deep time/Deep Futures. Helsinki
- a symposium on artistic responses to the dichotomy between human time-perception and time in biological, environmental, and geological processes, within which we are embedded.The contributors stay next to Kilpisjärvi one week reflecting on the theme, just before the symposium.

30.8 Text on live cinema presented at Sao Paolo University in June is now online.
"The process of composing real-time visuals"

1.8 Z - generative live visuals set

A generative visuals set for Mia Zabelkas new album, premiere at Sajeta festival in Slovenia. Z is following the first visual set M, which came out in 2011. Visuals:Mia Makela, Programming:Eva Schindling

20.-21.7 Green Matters at Wasteland. Kouvola
Curated by Eeva-Liisa Puhakka

5.-7.7 Green Matters goes Ruisrock. Turku
Green Matters is screened at the Baltic Sea tent at the Ruisrock festival

22.6 Performance at Sao Paolo University
Suonombra performance with Dudu Tsuda and Marcus Bastos at Experimental settings event.

21.6 Artist talk at Sao Paolo University
Reflection on Imagebased narration and the Influence of Tarkovsky and Greenaway. Curated by Patricia Moran for Experimental settings event.

7.-17.6 Residency at PAF. St. Erme

23.4 GM: Berlin

Green Matters discussion metamate bar

23.4 ART TENSION: Berlin
Discussion of the exchange between art and science by Mia Makela and Ariane Berthoin Antal. Screening of Green Matters. Curated by Maria Ptqk

13.-20.4.2013 Figure de la Terre. Berlin
Figure de la Terre opera, is based on the story of french expedition team measuring the world in the 18th century around Northern Finland. Premiere and further performances at Sophiensaale.

20.11-10.3.2013 India-tour
Mia will be documenting traditional healing in adivasi communities around India as part of Katajamäki development coooperation project.

30.10-18.11 Mustarinda residency

Preparation of live visual set for Figure de la Terre opera, based on the story of french expedition team measuring the world in the 18th century around Northern Finland.
Premiere 13.4.2013 Sophiensaale. Berlin

15.9 Crossroads plays at MMVV. Vic
Vrak trios Audiovisual version playes at Mercat de Musica in Vic. Visuals by Mia Mäkelä

1.9 SOW prototype presented at Tori. Lahti
Sound On Wheels prototype had its frst appearance at "TORI - oon kaupungissa" event. SOW is a musical bike - it invites you to pedal your own compositions on punch cards.

23.8. GM at Tiedekulma. Helsinki
Green Matters video at Tiedekulma during the Baltic Sea week.

16.8 Manifesto Marathon. Helsinki
Special Finissage program 16.8.2012 (starting at 4 pm) including
- concert by Jukka Hautamäki (FI)
- Manifest-performance by Mia Mäkelä (FI) featuring Martta Tuomaala (FI)
- screening Private Territory.

26.-28.7 Renewable Lab. Latvia
GM-presentation at Art and science symposium for renewable energy technologies organized by RIXC.

21.6 ARM PATCH MANIFEST exhibition
Arm Patch Manifest forms part of PALMTREE IS ON FIRE exhibition curated by Henna-Riikka Halonen at the Art Academy Gallery on Kasarminkatu in Helsinki.
The exhibition continues until 15.7.2012.




Arm Patch Manifest

In the ARM PATCH MANIFEST- project the patch maker becomes a one-person disorganized mobile manifestation. The exhibition serves as a process space where the visitors have a chance to design their own arm patches. APM gives the public the impetus to harness the power of their own symbols and also question their willingness to carry any symbols or trademarks.

SOW - SoundOnWheels

Sound On Wheels invites participants to make their own punch card music compositions and listen to them by pedalling the music bike. The first prototype was launched at TORI-event in Lahti in September 2012. The project will be launched next summer.


Green Matters
Handbook for Algae Gatherers

Mia Mäkelä studied green algae and their possible use applying traditional rug-making techniques. Her project aims to help the eutrophicated Baltic Sea by foraging algae and putting them to good use. The video manual shows how to work algae step by step.

The video formed part of an exhibition of the algae rugs and experiments, algae herbarium, specimen, photos, located in a green house at the botanical garden of Turku during TURKU2011 event.


Manifest-o Marathon

Lecture performance reciting selected parts from The coming insurrection-manifesto with live visuals and audio. Premiere 16.8.2012 Readers : Mia Mäkelä and Kari Yli-Annala, Guest appearance: Martta Tuomaala.



Live animation and generative visuals for Figure de la Terre "neue" opera. The opera is based on the story of french expedition team measuring the world in the 18th century in Northern Finland.

Premiere at Sophiensaale, Berlin
April 2013


Generated visuals for Mia Zabelkas new release

Z is a generative visuals set for Mia Zabelkas audio release Z in 2013. Its the the follower of previous generative set M.

Visuals: Mia Makela
Programming: Eva Schindling

Landscape painting

A stream of images depict Icelandic nature, each frame resemble a living landscape painting in a continuous, viscous perceptive moment.

Performance has been shown:

Phonofemme. Vienna 2011 with Zahra Mani
Trendelenburg. Gijon 2012 with Zahra Mani

AAVE-festivaali. Helsinki 2012
with Tero Vänttinen

Experimental Settings.USP. Sao Paolo 2013
with Marcus Bastos and Dudu Tsuda